Sunday, February 22, 2015

DIY Tassels for Room Decoration

I caught myself thinking that i need even more colors for my working area. I got this idea off Pinterest, even party decorations could do great to give more life in to your room. 

Making one tassel are easy and fast, but for it to really work is to have tons of these with fun different colors. I really liked blue and yellow together but was even more happy with the result i have now. It really is a center piece that attracts me to walk over to the desk and study haha!

What you need: 
1. Crepe paper
2. Scissors
3. Washi tapes (any tapes would be fine)

How to:
1. I cut the crepe paper 30 cm by 30 cm.
2. Then i went on cutting the frills, 1 cm wide.
3. Lay it open, oh I actually made them into 2 sections of 15cm. 
4. Twist! and create a loop by intertwining the edges together
5. Note to self: take better pictures 

I made this blog as a self-improvement program, really promising to myself that i'd explore what i like. I enjoy the process of weekly shopping to the material store, and shutting myself from the world every now and then when i do little things like this. It challenges me to find the type of DIYs that i really like, and actually useful. Learning what i need to improve, like it really bothers me that i know nothing about web development and photoshop for that matter, or how to take a decent picture with decent lighting.

So, what i'm saying is, it's okay to go out of your comfort zone and try to find out what you like, you'll discover new things in the process. It's a long shot but maybe a few years or even months, you'd be really good at it and wished you started sooner!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

DIY: Valentine's Day Card!

We don't really celebrate Valentine's day as a huge thing, but i personally love the euphoria and the thought of letting your partner know of how much you love them. Yes, it's symbolized with all advertised chocolate, cards, flowers that keeps popping out everywhere. What if i told you that people would appreciate a handmade gift even with the smallest effort rather than a last-minute chocolate bar?

The idea came late at night when i was actually tidying up. I had all these tiny objects scattered, and i thought of a cheesy pun about the lighter. I got my idea pad and started working on some concepts! 
This is perfect, not only for Valentine's day when people makes you feel obliged to go the extra mile for your partner, but whenever you want to make 'em happy and loved. It would be great if you found an object that reminds you of him/her.

What you need:
1. Colored A4 paper (card stock would work better)
2. Scissors
3. Rope
4. Glue
5. Watercolor paint
5. Any item

1. Cut paper accordingly in two  different sizes (be bold with your colors!)
2. Glue them together
3. Place your object in the middle
4. Punch holes on the side and tie a rope
5. Draw anything you like!

Pretty simple and quick. I managed to do this under 15 minutes and in the middle of the night. Good luck on trying your own version :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Semester! New Setting!


Okay, okay i'm super happy of how my desk turned out. You know that feeling of being energized and thinking you'll be more motivated to spend the hour on your desk because it feels... 'new'? That's exactly what i feel.

This is the overall look.

My painted pin board turned out okay, it really is the center piece of the whole setting.

I also painted the container above, it was black before. I stuffed in all the clips and pins. I am in love with the donut note i purchased from Typo. The candle holder was from Marks & Spencer, i'm currently obsessed with both stripes and polkadot patterns.

These letter blocks were both originally white and again, polkadots and stripes makes an appearance! It falls down and gets knocked over time to time so i decided i'd tape it to my card holder.

I am definitely never getting rid of the pink clutch, what's not to love? It's perfect to put little things that scatters around and your favorite pens of course! I was thinking of making a quick re-do with the 'dream' letter box, probably sometime in the upcoming posts. another Typo product that i love, the 2015 planner. I have the habit of jotting down to-do list every night and cross them over every time i'm done. It's a satisfying feeling. Books are my latest read, and gives me the motivation of what i want to pursue in life. I highly recommend Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS , i wanted to spare some time for this blog because reading her story.

another to-do list notice that i got from Typo (see how obsessed i am about them?) attached to a clip board that i ,again, painted. 

Ready to take on the new semester! It doesn't take that much effort to change things up and you never know, you might enjoy the process like i did :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Board Make Over!

I've had this board for nearly 2 years and it's still as good as new. I realized it would be much easier to change the content, messages, and pictures that you put up on your desk. I saw a white and gold board from Pinterest and i was hooked! I was challenged to step it up a notch.

The tools that i used (okay i didn't need all of the above):
  • Wood Paint (acrylic would have done the job, didn't found the colors i wanted)
  • Paint Thinner 
  • Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape

The idea was to figure out a pattern that you would like and don't mind staring at most of the time with colors that you personally like! Mine was gold, white, and cyan (a shade of blue). 

1. Tape the area of the board that you are not going to paint. The idea of using a masking tape and not any other tape is that it doesn't stick, so make sure you get this part right.

2. Have fun with the paint! As you could see, i'm not the neatest painter. I spilled the paint and looked at that huge stain on the top. If you have the time you could dissolve it with thinner to get rid of the blotch.

3. Making sure your paint is dry, this took me around an hour by putting the painted-board near the window on a bright sunny day. Learn from my mistakes, open your windows or doors, my room stinks of fresh paint for the next 2 days. 

4. Peal off masking tape, and paint whichever part is left. Repeat process :)

Sooo this was my finished look. My first addition to the Re-Organizing Desk series! I was tad bit disappointed that it didn't turned out cyan or anything blue, i guess the material absorbed the colour and turned it somewhat green. However, overall i loooved how it looked with my other tiny bits that you will see in my up coming posts. I know it still looks quite deserted, i'm thinking of making my own motivational quotes on cards, but we'll see. 

Any ideas? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Part #1: Re-organizing Desk!

To begin with, i am far from being tidy. I put things literally everywhere (that's how you lose them, right?) and have little sense of cleaning up after. Anyways, i spend a lot of time on my desk, it has so many rubbish and unimportant things around that it minimizes the working area. It gave me a reason to procrastinate, tidying up things or blotting things down when i was supposed to be revising. I had to clear most of the things to be suitable enough for the picture lol. It used to have all kinds of motivational post-its on the wall, but i had to tore it down for obvious reasons. Here's a preview of what it looks like, when i had done some cleaning of course :)

The board has my 25-year plan i made two years ago, and yes i'm still on the right track! I might need to update this because it seems too far out and quite different to what i think want now. A decent letter from the boyfriend from when we started dating, a drawing of me my friend made, a Hogwarts platform 9 3/4 pass from my good friend, and all kinds of pictures of friends and families. I love how looking up to these kinda motivates me in some way. It is just such a  clutter of things so it needs a quick re-do! 

On the corner, i've got a 'drawing' i once made in my spare time. The pink ceramic clutch and the letter blocks I purchased from Typo, a letter holder i got from Bali, and snacks! (Seriously, who can live without them?)

Part of my 2015 resolution, is to redecorate my desk entirely. These and the upcoming posts might give you a hint on how you can easily change up your working space. My theme of the term is black - gold - white. 

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY: Mini Metallic Crepe Paper Tassel Garland

Hi! tassel garland is currently a popular decoration prop. Large, mini, all kinds of sizes and colours you name it! Now i understand why it's a big hit, it is super duper easy to make. I made four of these for five minutes tops. What's even better is that you aren't demanded to be super neat and it has less excess of waste (i get so annoyed to clean them after).

I get into habit of decorating a room for an event or a friend's surprise party. This would totally spice up the room!

What you need:
1. Crepe paper (you can use tissue paper, that's fine)
2. Knitting wool
3. Scissors
4. Tape

The picture is self-explanatory, don't you think? Anyways it's only 10 cm long, hence, mini. 


Welcome to my blog, finally! I have been meaning to create a blog for quite a while. At first, i wanted to have my very own lifestyle blog, but then again i spend most of my time in Yogyakarta (no offense, but really?). It's not the hippest and fast growing city, so i changed my mind. I thought about creating a book review blog instead, since all i do in my spare time is reading. After a round of consideration and making about five posts, again, i don't feel too passionate about it like i though i would. 

Among the many options and ideas that came to mind, i settled with creating a Do-It-Yourself // Decorating blog. It will contain a lot of my experiments on making decorations, party props, gifts etc. It's a simple platform to share the things i absolutely love and hopefully, inspire you guys to make your own! How fun is that?

I have postponed having my own blog for no particular reason, thinking that i could always do it in the near future. Recently, i've been encouraged and got great support from my closest friends and family. So... here it is.

The name Tinted Sweets, is actually an acronym for TS. You can say that some people call me that, only because i doodle TS with a little heart shape in almost everything i have. Papers, books, signature, you name it!

Long story short, i feel like i have a passion in making a mess. I scrapbook, i collect rubbish and cut them to pieces, i collect candy wraps, parking tickets, and i just arrange them and turn something deeply personal to me. The things that i will post will either be a personal project or the result of examining all sorts of inspirations.

Anywas, enjoy!