Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Semester! New Setting!


Okay, okay i'm super happy of how my desk turned out. You know that feeling of being energized and thinking you'll be more motivated to spend the hour on your desk because it feels... 'new'? That's exactly what i feel.

This is the overall look.

My painted pin board turned out okay, it really is the center piece of the whole setting.

I also painted the container above, it was black before. I stuffed in all the clips and pins. I am in love with the donut note i purchased from Typo. The candle holder was from Marks & Spencer, i'm currently obsessed with both stripes and polkadot patterns.

These letter blocks were both originally white and again, polkadots and stripes makes an appearance! It falls down and gets knocked over time to time so i decided i'd tape it to my card holder.

I am definitely never getting rid of the pink clutch, what's not to love? It's perfect to put little things that scatters around and your favorite pens of course! I was thinking of making a quick re-do with the 'dream' letter box, probably sometime in the upcoming posts. another Typo product that i love, the 2015 planner. I have the habit of jotting down to-do list every night and cross them over every time i'm done. It's a satisfying feeling. Books are my latest read, and gives me the motivation of what i want to pursue in life. I highly recommend Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS , i wanted to spare some time for this blog because reading her story.

another to-do list notice that i got from Typo (see how obsessed i am about them?) attached to a clip board that i ,again, painted. 

Ready to take on the new semester! It doesn't take that much effort to change things up and you never know, you might enjoy the process like i did :)