Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Welcome to my blog, finally! I have been meaning to create a blog for quite a while. At first, i wanted to have my very own lifestyle blog, but then again i spend most of my time in Yogyakarta (no offense, but really?). It's not the hippest and fast growing city, so i changed my mind. I thought about creating a book review blog instead, since all i do in my spare time is reading. After a round of consideration and making about five posts, again, i don't feel too passionate about it like i though i would. 

Among the many options and ideas that came to mind, i settled with creating a Do-It-Yourself // Decorating blog. It will contain a lot of my experiments on making decorations, party props, gifts etc. It's a simple platform to share the things i absolutely love and hopefully, inspire you guys to make your own! How fun is that?

I have postponed having my own blog for no particular reason, thinking that i could always do it in the near future. Recently, i've been encouraged and got great support from my closest friends and family. So... here it is.

The name Tinted Sweets, is actually an acronym for TS. You can say that some people call me that, only because i doodle TS with a little heart shape in almost everything i have. Papers, books, signature, you name it!

Long story short, i feel like i have a passion in making a mess. I scrapbook, i collect rubbish and cut them to pieces, i collect candy wraps, parking tickets, and i just arrange them and turn something deeply personal to me. The things that i will post will either be a personal project or the result of examining all sorts of inspirations.

Anywas, enjoy!

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