Thursday, February 5, 2015

Part #1: Re-organizing Desk!

To begin with, i am far from being tidy. I put things literally everywhere (that's how you lose them, right?) and have little sense of cleaning up after. Anyways, i spend a lot of time on my desk, it has so many rubbish and unimportant things around that it minimizes the working area. It gave me a reason to procrastinate, tidying up things or blotting things down when i was supposed to be revising. I had to clear most of the things to be suitable enough for the picture lol. It used to have all kinds of motivational post-its on the wall, but i had to tore it down for obvious reasons. Here's a preview of what it looks like, when i had done some cleaning of course :)

The board has my 25-year plan i made two years ago, and yes i'm still on the right track! I might need to update this because it seems too far out and quite different to what i think want now. A decent letter from the boyfriend from when we started dating, a drawing of me my friend made, a Hogwarts platform 9 3/4 pass from my good friend, and all kinds of pictures of friends and families. I love how looking up to these kinda motivates me in some way. It is just such a  clutter of things so it needs a quick re-do! 

On the corner, i've got a 'drawing' i once made in my spare time. The pink ceramic clutch and the letter blocks I purchased from Typo, a letter holder i got from Bali, and snacks! (Seriously, who can live without them?)

Part of my 2015 resolution, is to redecorate my desk entirely. These and the upcoming posts might give you a hint on how you can easily change up your working space. My theme of the term is black - gold - white. 

See you soon!

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